The Complete Vampire Chronicles Book Bundle by Anne Rice download the Ebook: Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles An Alphabettery. An international bestseller and beloved cultural touchstone, Anne Rice's classic novel Interview with the Vampire starts “where Bram Stoker and the Hollywood. Editorial Reviews. Review. The ornate, casket-like packaging and neogothic The Vampire Chronicles Collection: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned eBook: Anne Rice: site Store.

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The Vampire Chronicles Collection: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned (Vampire Chronicles series) by Anne Rice. Results 1 - 18 of 18 See search results for "The Vampire Chronicles" in the Oregon Digital Library Consortium The Vampire Chronicles Collection - ebook. I love to say that this book was the best vampire story, the story revolved around fictional character Lestat de Lioncourt a French.

While Except for "Dracula," the Vampire Chronicles are probably the most influential story about vampires ever written While it begins with three spellbinding classics of vampire passion and pain, the books slowly slip in quality as the series goes on, climaxing with the fanfiction-like grotesquerie of "Blood Canticle. Rice follows them through the centuries, from their human lives to the first dramatic days of vampirism, of the sensuality and loss that filled their days, and to the current day.

The key to stopping her lies in a pair of ancient vampire witches. And then Rice started careening off the path. And in "Memnoch The Devil," Lestat encounters the devil After that came a slew of vampire "memoirs," wherein the characters of Armand, Pandora, Marius and a heretofore-unknown vampire named Vittorio were explored. Then we lurch back to the present day, with "Merrick" interweaving the Mayfair witches into the Vampire Chronicles, with Louis asking an alcoholic witch whose breasts are detailed a little too much to contact the spirit of his "daughter.

And no, that won't make any sense unless you've read the Mayfair Witch trilogy. In a series spanning nearly thirty years of publication, it's inevitable that this series would have massive ups-and-downs.

The first two books are nearly perfect, lush and hauntingly passionate, and the third is a slow-burning epic that spans the globe and all of human history.

Unfortunately, the books that follow were not able to maintain the same quality -- "The Body Thief" struggles with many bizarre or disgusting moments, and "Memnoch the Devil" is a pretentious mass of dull pseudo-spirituality. One thing that can't be denied is that throughout most of the series, Rice's prose is pretty lush and even intoxicating; she brings alive the humid, flowering beauty of New Orleans, rock concerts, the labyrinthine streets of old Europe, and the deserts of ancient Egypt.

Her writing is at its best when it lingers on historical things, whether it's the events of the past encroaching on the present, or a simple memoir of an immortal life lived. Though the stories of some of the "memoirs" are rather thin, the writing makes them more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, even the writing deteriorates in the final trilogy of books, and the interlacing of the Mayfair witch stories causes the stories to become almost like bad fan-fiction. The final indignity is Lestat's overnight transformation into a slang-slinging weirdo who wants to be a saint, and falls in love at first sight with Rowan Mayfair. It is worth noting also that the publisher -- presumably for the same reasons as the rearranged Narnia Chronicles -- did not release these works in publication order, but in chronological order.

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So rather than opening with "Interview," the collection opens with "Pandora" and proceeds to "Vittorio" before settling on Rice's first novel.

However, the vacillating quality means that the omnibus is best suited to those fans who love all her vampire books. I'm having a hard time getting through these books. I've lost my momentum! Lestat has lost some of his appeal and now that he's talking to the devil, it's dragging and dragging.

Get on with it! Do something! I didn't think this would be a lesson in theology.

Mar 15, Marc Estes rated it really liked it. Just a captivating series. Great having all these books in one bundle. Nancy Olson rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Kab rated it really liked it Nov 16, Gerorda rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Michelle Gross rated it liked it Apr 27, Sstephens rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Danneen Dorman-Wilkins rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Celeste rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Jenna Bullock eckman papcin rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Penelope Cannon rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Kirine rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Jessica Stafford rated it it was amazing Jul 18, RD rated it really liked it Jun 28, Georgios rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Christina Clark rated it it was amazing Aug 06, Kathrine Alvarez rated it really liked it May 11, Lisa Quinonez rated it it was amazing May 28, Ana Aguilar rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Felice Steele rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Michelle rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Jp rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Holly Jarvis rated it it was amazing Aug 18, The Vampire Chronicles 19 40 Nov 20, Readers also enjoyed.

About Anne Rice. Anne Rice.

The Vampire Chronicles Collection

Anne Rice born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien is a best-selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books.

Best known for The Vampire Chronicles , her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition.

She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in Her books have sold near Anne Rice born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien is a best-selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books.

Her books have sold nearly million copies, making her one of the most widely read authors in modern history. She uses the pseudonym Anne Rampling for adult-themed fiction i. Roquelaure for fiction featuring sexually explicit sado-masochism. Other books in the series. The Vampire Chronicles 1 - 10 of 13 books.

Books by Anne Rice. Trivia About The Complete Vamp No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Gathered here are the ten books that comprise the original saga: Once an aristocrat in the heady days of pre-revolutionary France, now a rock star in the demonic, shimmering s, he rushes through the centuries in search of others like him, seeking answers to the mystery of his eternal, terrifying exsitence.

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