4NEC2 is a freeware antenna simulation software program. We've recently been informed that Mark Schoonover KA6WKE, is writing an eBook guide on this topic. I would like to see an EPUB download for my tablet. . (1,), Satellite ( ), SDRplay (), Security (), Transceivers (4), Tutorial (71). 4NEC2 is a NEC based antenna modeler and optimizer developed by Arie Voors . This is and it's available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats. Simulation of Wire Antennas using 4NEC A Tutorial for Beginners. Version Author: Gunthard Kraus., Oberstudienrat Email.

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Simulation of Wire Antennas using 4NEC2. A Tutorial for Beginners. Version Author: Gunthard Kraus, Oberstudienrat, Elektronikschule. [PDF] wire antenna modelling with nec 2 1 numerical pdf books epub. Read online wire wire antenna modelling with http://qsl/4nec2/biosamnewbcropdic.ga File title. A Tutorial for Beginners. net. It is very useful for those designing home made antennas for their RTL-SDR or other A Simple Pull-up Mono-Band Verticle Dipole .

But a video is worth a thousand pictures.

In the video demo, I use the program to design a 20 meter dipole which is to be installed 30 feet above ground. The video will take you through the basic steps. Initial setup of antenna and environment parameters. Basic antenna design experimentation. The documentation is very complete and well written. It is in the form of Windows help files.

Tutorial 4NEC2 English

The contents are very well structured and easy to navigate. You can follow the help as if it were a tutorial in antenna design. You can also skip and jump to specific sub-topics using the detailed table of contents. On with the show Please note that the video may take a some time to load if you do not have a broadband Internet access.

I have had to limit the resolution to limit the size of the file. On top of being educational, the software will enable you to analyze and design most of the common types of antennas that amateur radio operators use.

When you feel comfortable with the program, and like what it can do for you, then you can go for the commercial version which will enable you to explore much more complex antenna systems. Other Noteworthy Antenna Software I decided to investigate antenna design software because I was tired of the traditional "cut-n-try" method.

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Finding our your credit rating is easy. Arie Voors, includes sample Yagi and other antenna files, Feb 4, Examples and discussions exist here, here, here, and here. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to the "typical" antenna, as many antenna types can be designed to enhance one or more parameters.

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This is a 3rd. This page contains links to files submitted by manufacturers, along with a number of other antenna-modeling files from various sources. Also the optimum amount of radials and will i need a matching unit? These models have varying degrees of accuracy.

Mark Schoonover KA6WKE

I cant seem to figure out how to get it to figure a 90 degree phase shift stub. Run the program, 4nec2. I do a lot of antenna simulation. Readers, While writing the section on Cylinders I couldn't find any examples of cylindrical antennas.

One of the members commented to me that I should write an article about collinear arrays so that we could all build our own. Setting up the antenna. Only at eHam. I was watching the CBT Nuggets CWNA Video on Antennas where the speaker shows examples of antenna modeling and suggest we visit this URL to download the antenna modelling freeware 4nec2: I'd been sort of puzzled by 4NEC2 but I've gotten good enough with mmana to do some basic things, like ballparking patterns and impedances for dipoles, yagis, full-wave loops.

Be sure that the wire that you use is acceptable legally as well as physically.

Tutorial 4NEC2.pdf

The inverted-F antenna is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1.

If prompted, open one of the examples. NEC2 was later released to the public and is now available on most computing platforms. I am new to 4NEC2 and want to model a strcuture such as a car and be able to try a vertical UHF antenna a various locations to get an idea how the structure effects the propagation pattern.

You can click a Preview button first if you want! Having had a GEM Quad HF m for a few years, back in the early 80's, I can testify to the quad's slight advantages over a tri-bander Yagi with the same number of elements.

4nec2 Tutorial

A Tutorial for Beginners. Here's an on-line Folded Dipole Calculator: 4nec2 is a user-friendly layer around the standard nec-2 engine. The program can be used to model an antenna, and then determine through simulation properties such as the radiation pattern and SWR of the modelled antenna. Tutorial and many examples are all included in the 4nec2 v5. To get used to 4nec2, we started our work by an example of a half-wave dipole.

The 4nec2 package contains all the software to specify, calculate, evaluate and optimise your antenna-system. I wanted to model a turnstile antenna with a reflector for MHz.

Of course the acid test of a simulation model is whether or not the results it predicts turn out to be true in practice. They are an excellent start and the tutorials on the OpenEMS website will guide you through them really well. The first step after opening 4NEC2 is to create a model of the antenna.

The feed is placed from the ground plane to the upper arm of the IFA. Win Plus as our sample programs.

Maybe this one: 36dip. The 4nec2 antenna modeling program, as well as other modeling programs, is based off of the.

Example 4nec2 files included for most antennas. I cannot figure out how to model a phase shifted antenna.

Then, having read that.

I try to simulate every antenna I get in "my fingers".In the lower half the relations between reflection loss, return loss in dB , power reflection coefficient and voltage reflection coefficient are indicated. Well, I have accidentally overwritten a file, but that was my fault. The impedance curves are absolutely identical to chapter 9. Once more: Far Field Simulation This the form of the diagram is nearly identical to the patter in chapter 9. After the successful installation right click on the 4NEC2X exe file and install this software in the same directory.

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