The Chemical Garden Trilogy has 8 entries in the series. Fever. The Chemical Garden Trilogy (Series). Book 2. Lauren DeStefano Author (). cover image. Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy) In the Garden Trilogy, 02, Black Rose · Read more Nora Roberts- Garden Trilogy - Red lily. Read more. View fever the chemical garden 2 Fever Chemical Garden Fever The Chemical Garden Trilogy Book and over one million other books are available for site.

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To ask other readers questions about Fever, please sign up. Fever, the second installment to The Chemical Garden Trilogy, picks up immediately where . Fever (The Chemical Garden #2) by Lauren DeStefano. Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion, but danger is never far behind. Running away brings. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Rhine's struggles and pain are real, and her story is both Fever (The Chemical Garden Trilogy Book 2) - site edition by Lauren.

The Chemical Garden Trilogy

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Fever (The Chemical Garden #2)

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Gatherers hunt for young girls on the streets to sell them into labs for research, and the unwanted ones go into prostitution or are simply killed. Rhine finds herself forced to marry Linden along with two other girls, Jenna and Cecily.

They join Rose as Linden's new brides, but the ailing Rose is already 20 years of age and does not have long left to live. Life in the Ashby manor is very comfortable. Cecily embraces it while Rhine constantly thinks of ways to escape. She befriends her servant Gabriel and behaves like a good wife in front of Linden and his father, Housemaster Vaughn, in order to earn the title of "First Wife", which would grant her additional privileges to roam the mansion.

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Rhine sets that as a goal in order to plan her escape. By the novel's end, Rhine successfully escapes the mansion with Gabriel and begins a journey back to New York to find her twin brother, Rowan. Main characters[ edit ] Rhine Ellery: A sixteen-year-old girl from Manhattan who was kidnapped to be Linden's wife. She is the narrator and protagonist of the novel.

Rhine has heterochromia , one blue eye and one brown eye. He is also married to Rose.

Jenna: The oldest of Linden's new wives at She dislikes living in the mansion as much as Rhine but is less adamant about trying to escape.

Cecily: The youngest of the sister wives at She is the most excited and interested about the marriage and enjoys her new life.

She later bears a baby boy named Bowen.Fever, the second installment to The Chemical Garden Trilogy, picks up immediately where Wither left off As Rhine and Gabriel escape Linden s mansion in search of their freedom and Rhine s twin brother, Cecily, who visited me and talked of helping me escape, never told him about any of it. Es ging ja ganz gut los Rose: Linden's first wife, 20 years old, is secluded to her bed because of her age. I couldn't put it down!

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