In this Lost Odyssey strategy guide, you'll find: ○. COMBAT // Basic combat strategy and other tips, including info on avoiding a nasty bug. ○. WALKTHROUGH. Lost Odyssey Prima Official biosamnewbcropdic.ga - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Pokémon Black and Pokémon White Official Game biosamnewbcropdic.ga Lost Odyssey at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.

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We at Lost Odyssey Wiki, in our continuing goal to provide the best online resource for If you have a walkthrough that you want to add to our site you are highly. File Type: (Pdf file). Comments: 0. Downloads: Views: 2, Share: Item description: Official Strategy Guide for Lost Odyssey. Download. Comics, Game Guide, Game Book Scans» Game Guides» Lost Odyssey Lost Odyssey - Official Strategy Guide Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise.

Not to mention that their attacks are really damaging. When the queen uses Pheromone to one of the servants, that servant will have increased abilities. The queen will also use the skill Cry to call reinforcements if her original group of servants are eliminated or reduced to 1 or 2.

Having Wind enchanted rings for your attacks is a good idea also to quickly get rid of the enemy wall. You can also steal an extra Slot Seed from this enemy, which is very helpful if you are planning to use Sarah in the long run.

If you hunt it again, it will have 4 servants again but its HP will still be the same when you left it off. Defeat all of the enemies to end the battle.

Their attacks cause occasional paralysis as well. The Mantala will jump off from battle after calling reinforcements using Bizarre Howl. Once it reappears, pound it with all your most powerful attacks.

It should take that long to defeat the Mantalas and ending the battle. One of its attacks that you should look out for is Headbutt. It deals damage to your party and messes up your formation, bringing everybody up front. Its normal attacks alone does considerable damage and can eradicate your party easily. For the normal tactics, cast All-Generate to your characters and other defensive skills. Heal with Zyphera and equip rings that provide you with the skill Bio Killer.

Bio Rings are your first choice but there are better versions of it, especially the one Ringmaker Trace creates. Cast support skills like Powerus and Speeda to your main attackers and cast Mindus to your offensive spellcasters. You can also steal its Slot Seed. The front guys have very low HP and one Prisma should be enough to eradicate the enemy wall. The leader has some powerful moves this time, including an All-Seal spell to silence your magicians. Have your magicians equip the Seal Blocker accessory or Anti-Seal skill so that they can ward off this effect.

Just continue attacking with Wind Based attacks and rings and you should do fine. Also, after this battle, any enemy elmon you encounter will not steal from your party anymore. If you have Jansen up front, equip him with the accessories providing the Guard Heal and Stand Ready skills to act as a decoy wall.

At the back, have Cooke take care of the healing and buffs and Ming on the offensive. Grounda deals fast damage. Mack will act as your primary attacker so have him cast Powerus and Speeda on himself during the first turns. If you want, you can have Mack use Combo or Combo 3 after buffing him up to deal massive damage to the boss. By default, only Sed can attack the crane from a distance. Steal the Crystal Fragment first from the boss, then you can equip Tolten and Seth with some accessories that will enable them to use Black Magic.

The boss will also charge and release a damaging attack. If you are fairly leveled, you can have Seth guard on every turn while Tolten and Sed fill the gauge. Once the gauge is filled, the battle will end. Watch the scenes. View the tutorials to better understand what you need to do. TIPS: If you miss pressing the correct button, the Nautilus will be hit by enemy fire and lose a life. Remember that you can pause the game as soon as a new button comes up so that you can press it correctly.

For the button-mashing commands, holding your controller normally and pressing the corresponding button as fast as you can will not be enough. Put the controller on your lap and start button mashing there, arcade-style. Watch the ending after that. Have your casters use buffs and protection spells.

If you have composite spells, All-Generate helps a lot in having continuous HP recovery per turn. After casting all possible buffs and support spells, have your mages use Grounda Bombs to deal damage to the beast. Like the Dinozaoro boss back in the Ice Canyon, this boss messes up with your formation and causes formation paralysis.

Concentrate on each Keystone first. Taking down Keystone A seems to be the best choice so that you can start mauling the Fiend with your attackers while your mages casts spells against Keystone B.

Forcea works wonders against Keystones. Equipping your attackers with rings that provide Spirit Killer skill provides a damage bonus against these enemies. Casting buffs like Powerus further increases the damage of your primary attackers.

Start getting rid of the minions, while your spellcasters uses Aquara round the clock. The enemy trookys here will not use the Steal move anymore. Proceed to the Throne of Sun, where you fought the Fiend a while ago. Treasure 13 found! Exit the area and head back to Terrace Cave. This boss loves to use its own version of Darkness, which damages the whole party, making them lose MP as well as inflicting the Dark status ailment.

Persona has two sides. Switch your attacks accordingly. Casting all generate is good. If your casters have learned Double-Cast, then the better. Also, this boss has an instant death attack, fortunately, effective only to one target at a time. Just cast All-Cura if your characters have multiple status effects.

Using All-Generate for all characters should be a good support for keeping their HP refreshed. After the battle, you will get 88 Cal.

Exit to the world map and approach the Port of Numara using the Nautilus. All-Generate is always a good support skill so have one dedicated healer always. After the battle, view the following tutorial for the Arthrosaurus Attack mini-game. There will be four targets closing in to the city. The story's villain is revealed to be a power-mad tyrant straight from central casting.

Most people play RPGs for the story and Lost Odyssey's primary storyline is average in its best moments. But intertwined with the main plot are several smaller stories that are intriguing, engaging, and adult. No, not "bare-assed blue aliens" adult, but mature nonetheless. Kaim is our first beleaguered soul. In the first few hours of Lost Odyssey, he is portrayed as a quiet loner, with little persona. But around six or seven hours in to Lost Odyssey, we get our first significant revelation about Kaim and suddenly the character opens up and we learn the pains of being immortal.

Though Kaim must reclaim his memories to save the world, he would prefer they never be recovered. A thousand years brings a lot of regret and a lot of pain.

Head back to point 9. Use that to get past the guard. Ninn will sell you upgraded weapons. Its rare enhancement provides a small chance of completely negating the damage from any magical attack. To get to the good stuff. Explain the misunderstanding to the gondolier at point 8.

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And more importantly. It contains the level-3 Shine spell. Seed of Terror x3 F. Sticky Tape x5 B. Insect Innards x4 D. Blinding Powder C. Healing Herb E. Mana Capsule B. Mint Powder C. Mysterious Perfume x3 D. Healing Herb B. Flare Bomb C. Mighty Carapace x4 D. You Hear? Bring them back here. The doll is just past the first vegetable cart on the left side of the market street.

When you bring all three to the kids. The process involves finding three items. Slot Seed A. Kelo-Vitamin C. Eastern Red Ore x3 B. Kelolon [spell] C. Step in to save the day. As you round the bend in the southern part of the map. Back in Uhr a.

All of the flowers and sticks are marked on the maps in this section. Kaim will see a flock of seagulls taking flight. At point Take your Seeds to the Pipot in the pot by the well. When you have all Return to Canal Street and head toward Main Street.

Numar a Style 3 3 After the funeral. First Cooke must gather ten white flowers. Use the left stick to adjust your torch so the tips touch. Back in Numara. Anti-Paralysis Herb G. Mack has run off into the Crimson Forest. Crystal Fragment K. Mana Capsule G. Crystal Fragment I.

Crystal Fragment C. Crystal Fragment E. Crystal Fragment J. Crystal Fragment H. Crystal Fragment B. Crystal Fragment D. Crystal Fragment F. Even though tr avel to the forest has been banned for centuries. She can also use Casting Support to halve the amount of time it takes another char acter to cast spells.

When she has nothing else to do. Her Angel Heart skill increases the efficacy of her healing spells but only in combat. C Schin Beetle HP: White Magic is great.

In the Maze of Gloom area you can find dozens of Crystal Fragments by smashing crystal fungus formations. While the Spituras blast you with mostly Flare spells.

Ground spells are especially useful. Those encounters consist of five Spituras in the front and a Soul Eater Bug in the back. But not every obelisk holds treasure. To bring them down. These elevators lead to obelisks that contain both monster encounters and valuable items. From there you can cross two fallen trees to reach the items at points B and C. Head east when you enter the Near Swamp map. Lucky Clover B. Curse [spell] C.

Cubic Music Score 2 F. Take the glowing elevator down to the lower floor. Soul-Eater Bugs. When in a mixed battle. Shadowcasting Plant Dr agons are also dangerous foes. Step back down the stairs and let the first one pass. Earth Colossus HP: Earth — — Steals: Hard Skin — Drops: When you get to the top.

In the middle of the center staircase. In Colossus fights. Without the pillar in its way. Push it until the light on its side turns red. Take advantage of both.

Lost Odyssey Prima Official eGuide.pdf

Colossi have very high resistance to physical attacks. On your way out of the forest. Boss Tactics our top priority is to free Cooke. Cooke and Jansen can do much more damage with simple Flare spells than Seth and K aim could with their physical attacks anyway. As soon as Cooke is free. K aim will recall another dream. Lucky 0 Magic Defense is a gener ally great skill against magic-using foes. Everything else is for the immortals. There you can collect the last few Crimson Forest items by using the stone elevators.

When the tentacles are wiped out. Mack will appear on the battlefield. Adept Earrings Q. Healing Potion R. Junk Parts x3 B. Seed M. Mysterious Perfume x3 G. When you return to Numar a. Whetstone x2 P. Seed S. Black Pearl Powder x6 N. Generator x6 L. Among the side quests you may wish to pursue before approaching the fountain are these: Power Drink H.

As soon as you near the fountain. Mana Capsule J.

To do so. After that. If you miss this. Many of the paths are blocked and all of the doors are locked. But even as a back-row char acter. He can also use Spirit M agic. Mack is a good-all-around char acter. They should immediately turn their Skill Links toward copying Counter. When Kakanas orders his soldiers to attack. The loot includes a Slot Seed. Focus your attacks on eliminating the Heavy Corps soldiers one at a time.

If you miss any of the treasures now. Then destroy the other unit before focusing all of your physical and magical attacks on the remaining components of the now-crippled tank. With enhanced attacks.

Focus on offensive abilities for Seth and K aim in this fight. Tank Unit HP: The third should cast All-Shield for a defensive boost. Destroying the Cannon and Magic Heav y Tank itself will end the fight.

They can also absorb energy from the spells you cast against them. Have Seth and K aim target the same unit. All four parts of the tank are of the Mechanical type. These Tank and Cannon units spend their turns absorbing MP from your party members. Seth and K aim can deal heav y damage to the chosen unit. Cannon Unit HP: The TurnTail skill will let you escape from battles before the sluggish enemies can attack.

Leave Numara and reenter through the port area. To the northwest is the Numara Atoll. To the northeast is the Southern Coast of Tosca.

Hop onboard and take it for a spin! If Kakanas is going to be that much of a jerk. Magic-Sealing Feather D. Cure-All F. Aquara Bomb C. Healing Tank C. The clue suggests the treasure is in a high place. Seed of Terror x4 Kaim is a legend in this town.

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When you loot the inn the next morning. Now that you have a clue. Cubic Music Score 4 and the Lion Heart accessory. There is a total of 16 Kelolon statues in town. Kaim can unlock two more dreams in Tosca. Hop across the river to reach the small pier. Start by paying your respects to the 13 that are easily accessible. The Northern Cape is a small area. The catch is that the townsfolk are blocking three of them for most of the five minutes. Cubic Music Score 4 B.

Then the girls blocking the Deeno family house will move. Lion Heart C. Poem Fragment A B. Black Pearl Powder x4 F. Soul Medicine B. K aim needs the cave to Gohtza unsealed immediately. Poem Fragment B D.

Large Mirror Jewel E. Cure-All C. Celestial Plate G. Grounda Bomb B. Soul Medicine E. Mana Capsule F. Goddess Medicine B. Red-Copper Band C. Poem Fragment D D. Wheat Plate D. Bow-Plate B. Take that to the big mirror in the room to the south.

For ex ample. The one in the middle is no less haunted than the other two. Ageless One HP: Equip the relevant Anti. You can also deal nonelemental ring damage with rings that have the Magic Killer enhancement. Head upstairs. The mirror at the end of the hall will take you to the east side of the mansion. The mansion of the past is in much better shape than the mansion of the present. Spin the wheel so the arrow is pointing to the pot the one on the right.

Kaim will trigger a lost memory and discover a single treasure. Go back to the room that contains the statue and the big mirror. The statue that will eventually collapse and block the treasure chest is still intact in this time.

The room on the left contains the Wheat Plate. That should unlock the second-story doors and open a chest that reveals a Red-Copper Band accessory.

Note that everything will be offset by 90 degrees this time. You will then have to use the warping mirrors to find which of the diagrams in the four corners of the hermitage has the same plate lit. After you read the obelisk. When you find the correct one. When you have all the plates. That will allow you to take warps 5 and 6 to reach the chests that contain the Goddess Medicine and Lost spell.

The gate will then open. But you never know when the Old Sorceress will scream.

Boss FAQ - Guide for Lost Odyssey

First head to the inn. On the upper floor of the inn. Spellcasters will be most valuable here. Boss Tactics T he Bodies of Thought focus their attacks not on you. The ideal Spirit Magic spell here is Gamble.

Each Body of Thought has its own element. Make things easy on yourself by using only attacks that have no reasure reaSure unTing unting oundup OunDup elemental type.

Lost Odyssey - Official Strategy Guide Scan

Sar ah had the Black Cave sealed. Giant Feeler x3 D. Power Drink C. But with Gohtza threatening war. Scroll of Dissection B.

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Refresha [spell] B. First make your way to point 1. If you lose a firefly to the wind. The scroll contains the Cut Down skill. Zagan HP: The firefly is a sturdy little bug. Tolten-Style Ide HP: Circle around its upper level. The shortcut will come in handy for climbing back up to the Helltrap. All of the Rough creatures are weak to Wind. The chest contains a Soul Medicine. The Curse Blocker could not have come at a better time—have one immortal learn Anti-Curse. There are three pits at point 3.

Counter is a good way to get in some extr a damage against the creatures who use only physical attacks. Jansen casting Winda.

T he Rough Queen is quite skilled at manipulating her servants. You can prevent this untimely escape by finishing her with a Winda spell instead of slowly whittling down her health with physical attacks.

Rough Eaters and Rough Servants cause the Curse ailment with their physical attacks. The queen can use the Cry move to replace fallen servants.

You also want a lot of Wind-type magic power. When she targets one of them with her pheromones. If you take the queen to the brink of death without finishing her off. Your targets will be Earth-type. But a few hardy sailors have managed to keep their wits about them and are planning a research expedition to the str ange purple light on the horizon.

Many of the townsfolk have only a tenuous gr asp on reality. Pixie Flower B. Sticky Tape x5 D. Whetstone x3 C. Room A Floor 2: Rooms B D A. Slot Seed B. Generator x6 C. Beast Hide Rasp x3 B. You can use one of your new slots for Magic Defense Boost 1. Note that this is a limited-time offer. Pendulum x4 C. Experiment with other combinations to get Healing Potions and Mana Bottles. Collect all the Seeds in town and give those to the Pipot. That skill can be learned only from the Magic Trial Record sold in Saman.

Your foes can par alyze with their attacks. Never target Mantalas until its party is at a low Guard Condition. The key to a good offense is Lv2 Composite Magic and of course. Boss Tactics Y W henever Mantalas is damaged by a spell or attack except for counter attacks. Generator x6 A. But for what purpose?

White Lotus. Beast Hide Rasp x4 D. Gutsy Cloth x5 B. Aqua Mine [spell] B. Knight Earrings D. Lotus Ring C. The Shieldus and Barricadus White Magic spells. Gate Passes provide the only means to unlock the energy barriers that block your path in the Operation Division and the Upper Division. With a few Pickpocket Rings. Immortal spellcasters should also equip Anti-Seal.

Switches are marked on the map with an S. Barriers are marked on the map with glowing red lines. Ride the platform marked L1 to reach the center of the Operation Division map. There are three magical devices in this area. Most barriers are optional. After a Gate Pass is inserted. Our next destination is the Upper Division. This will put you on the left path. From the entrance to Experimental Staff. If you follow the stairs upward.

Try to pick up at least two Gate Passes in combat so you can unlock both elevator 1 and the chest that holds the Knight Earrings. Proceed down the ladder to the left to reach Technician 1. If your goal is to get all the items. You can then proceed down the right of the two paths and take platform H6 to treasure chest C. From there you can walk south to a barrier-blocked exit to the upper part of the Outer Division. After collecting the treasure.

The door to the left in the Outer Division leads back to a small part of the Upper Division. Start by taking elevator 2 down to the Operation Division. In the Upper Division. Ride the elevator back up to the Upper Division. The second technician will ask you to deliver a message to Technician 3. Attack him if you want. But if you want to play it safe. When you return to the Power Division. All of the elevators are blocked. Those attempting the Treasure Trove achievement will want to check in regularly.

His stock is the same as it was before.

There are no more hostile children. Bidding is a simple process of jacking up the price with the left stick and issuing a bid with the A button.

Regenera [spell] B. Then visit the tavern. The shopkeeper will offer Kaim some fruit. While they sleep. The next morning. Talio will return to his original position on the west side of town. When you leave the area and come back. When you return the stolen property and exonerate Talio. Tell Talio that you believe in his innocence. Speak to him again. Tornado Leaf x5 C. Warm Vest E. Blazing Ruby B. Earrings of Wisdom F.

The Ice Canyon has begun to thaw. G Dandoman HP: Elmon Crown B. A similar maneuver at point 3 will take you to a box full of Tornado Leaves. There you can challenge the Elmon Leader and win back all of your stuff. If you follow the upper roads on the Ice Gorge map. After crossing the three wind tunnels in Blizzard Peak.

When you see the penguin. The penguin should be waiting below.

The timing is a little tricky. With that wind tunnel jammed. After the penguin slides away. On offense. Abilities that can negate an attack. Absorb Attack can turn points of damage into points of HP recovery. Mental Stability. Combo is a no-no. Spellcasters will have to survive in the front row.

Sar ah. Putting everyone in the front row makes Guard Condition irrelevant and forces you to concentr ate heavily on skills that boost physical defense. D The Cover spell is good for only about one free hit from the Dinozaoro—but that turn is all a Zephyra-casting spellcaster may need to turn around a losing battle.

The Crown has added a few new attacks to his repertoire including All-Seal. Visit the Elmon Leader after its theft. After defeating the boss. Mack should hit Seth and K aim with Powerus spells. The chest contains the Elmon Crown that the Elmon Leader was so convinced you had stolen.The more the insects, the faster the gauge will fill up.

Elemental enemies are easier to fight than enemies that have no element. White Magic. Flare Bomb E. Sticky Tape x4 D. The letter in the casting time indicates when within the turn a spell will be cast, with S spells going off earliest, followed by A through H.

Only a visit by K aim. For example, Zephyr and Zephyra both heal your entire party, but Zephyra restores about four times as much HP per character.

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