Authors: Karen Traviss, Troy Denning, Eric S. Nylund, Tobias S. Buckell, Greg Bear. The Halo book series by multiple authors includes books The Fall of Reach, The Flood, First Strike, and several more. See the complete Halo series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions. WARNING! The Book Creator software has significant limitations. Book creation may be disabled while a replacement is adapted and installed. An alternative. Title, Cover, Author, Audio book narrators , Sequel to Halo: Battle Born, follows.

Halo Book Series

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Complete order of Halo books in Publication Order and Chronological Order. Halo Book Series (15 Books). From Book 1. The New York Times bestselling origin story of the Master Chief—part of the expanded universe based on the. The Halo series has an expanded universe chock-full of exciting stories, intriguing lore, and memorable characters. Ever since the first book.

Publication Order of Halo: Forerunner Trilogy Books

While conducting a training exercise near Zone 67, UNSC personnel find themselves under attack by alien robotic drones. Meanwhile, Dr. As they near the surface of the planet they are attacked by more robot drones and crash, meeting up with the human survivors of the attacks. Halsey identifies the robotic drones as Forerunner Sentinels from the artificial intelligence Cortana 's logs of the events of Halo: Combat Evolved.

At the Forerunner ringworld Delta Halo , the Covenant are in the midst of a civil war. Elites intercept Halsey's distress signal and learn of the existence of Onyx and its Forerunner technology.

Halo Series

The entire UNSC fleet at Onyx is destroyed by the ensuing battle, save for one stealth ship, the Dusk, which stays hidden, observing the events. The remaining human forces on Onyx discover a Forerunner city being rapidly uncovered by the Sentinels, and are guided into a massive sphere by Dr.

She determines that the entire planet is actually a "Shield World" constructed by the Forerunners to protect themselves from the firing of the Halo ringworlds, which are designed to eradicate all sentient life.

Fighting off Covenant pursuers, the humans discover an entrance leading to a Dyson Sphere. Kurt remains behind in order to detonate two nuclear weapons to stop the Covenant from following the humans into the Sphere. Hiding at a distance from Onyx, the Dusk watches as Onyx's surface rips apart to reveal that the entire world is constructed of Sentinels, all connected together to provide an impenetrable defense around the Dyson Sphere at the heart of the planet.

The Sentinels annihilate the remaining Covenant fleet vessels orbiting the planet and the Prowler retreats. Use my list below. Only major note is you can choose to read the Forerunner Saga where I put it. Or at the start. Doesnt matter both work well.

Hardback Editions

Start with the Fall of Reach. Astrogenesis wrote:. Ok well since I spoiled things for myself LOL!!

I don't think I've played halo: But I can for sure. I have a bad habit of playing games, then reading about them to get a better understanding. Hence me ruining my own interpretation of halo 5!! I do have to say I cannot tell you anything about blue team.

And everything going on with halsey. The advice above is pretty good. However, I personally can't recommend the Kilo-5 trilogy. I'd just read a summary online, or watch Halo Canon's videos.

Interview: "Halo: Silent Storm" is the first novel about Master Chief in 15 years

They sum up my feelings pretty well. Okay, sorry for the rant. But do read Nylund's trilogy, they're excellent. First Strike's a personal fave. While the Kilo-5 books are really the only ones I don't recommend, I do super-recommend you read the Forerunner Trilogy.

Halo Novels

They're quite awesome save for maybe Primordium - that one can get a tad dull at times , and really make you appreciate the Didact more when you see him in 4. Welcome to the extended universe, by the way!

I hope you get as much delight from it as I do. Thanks for the reply. When I first started halo crpytum it was a damn good read!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the history of the librarian and the didact and everything that happened. I'm looking forward to the forerunner trilogy so I can get a better understanding of the relationship between the forerunners, all the installations and the history it all brings. Now if I can just get caught up at least to halo 5.

To understand what is going on with Cortana I will be happy. I have to say that I believe this may very well be a rampant version of Cortana. And based on my understanding of halo 5.Put your hands down immediately, you dicks.

As it nears the end, the overall quality of this book really goes down the crapper. John stands out from the rest and shows signs of a leader.

That's not enough to convince me that I don't need to diet. Buckell, Joseph Staten, etc. I can't stand her. Its story is narrated by its main protagonist named Master Chief. GC: It would seem, given the timeframe of Silent Storm, that there's no connection between it and the upcoming game, Halo: Infinite. I feel like this book has some kind of vendetta against punctuation. The remaining recruits in the program are known by just their initial name followed by a 3 digit code.

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