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She got her mark for slapping a guy who deserved that and worse. How does she not realize that it's likely that a lot of other carriers are completely innocent too? She's constantly thinks about herself as some kind of hardened killer because she shot that guy under duress. SOO not the same as premeditated murder. Everyone knows there are different levels of murder.

I get that it would be a shocking terrible thing to have to do, but the way she handled it, or didn't, bugged me. Every time she mentioned being haunted by that guy I rolled my eyes. Get over it already Davy!! I mean would she rather Sean be dead? Yeah it sucks that guy's dead, but we don't know that dude. We know us. You saved the life of the guy who put himself on the line to save your butt time and time and time again and who you supposedly love.

But then again, maybe she doesn't actually care too much about him after all…. And the part where she says she doesn't feel at all bad about killing that dude that tried to kill her, because it was him or her?

She thinks she won't be haunted by that guy at all. But when she killed the other dude it was that dude or Sean! So, she's fine with killing to save herself but not killing to save someone she's supposed to love?? She also goes on and on and ON about how she can trust no one and must rely only on herself.

No one is going to be there to rescue her so she can't wait around for that. Except every single time anything happens she waits for someone to rescue her. She needed to be rescued so often that it became more than a one man job. I'm not a fan of Sean going missing in this one at all. And not for the reason you think. Switching love interests in the second book of a duology is a bold move.

Is bold the word I'm looking for? P But regardless, it wasn't that there WAS a switch that really bugged me. It was the way that it happened. Caden just swooped in out of nowhere and oh look Sean's not here and besides he reminds me of that icky thing I did that I didn't even have to do. So I can't even look at him even though he's literally put his life on the line for me and done everything he could to help and protect me from day one.

Out of sight, out of mind. Sean who? Oh look Caden sings, and he reminds me of all the things I loved about my old life and my old self, yadda yadda yadda.

Plus he's attractive and in closest proximity to me right now so I must really be in love with him. Honestly Caden and Davy's relationship felt like insta-love of the worst kind. They have literally nothing in common and know nothing about each other, but hey they're both good looking and in the same general area, so clearly they're meant to be.

Oh yeah, and they both like to sing occasionally.

And that's pretty much all I thought about him because he hardly had a personality, at least in the part I managed to get through. I really do actually want to finish this book. I want to find out what happens with the resistance and all. I'm hoping I'll be able to come back to it at some point without it driving me completely crazy.

The characters just got under my skin and I need to take a break. I also know there are so many books out there that would have me excited about reading them. I don't want to spend my time on something I have to force my way through. Find more reviews at. Oct 13, Imani added it Shelves: Imagine this, a sequel to the Uninvited a book that mixes the minority report and teen kind of dystopia. A killer gene. People like her, known as hts carriers or carries for short, are potential killers.

They face persecution for a gene that they have no control over and are constantly watching their backs for fear of going to jail or ending up in a worse place. After a mall shooting, Davy is recruited to Imagine this, a sequel to the Uninvited a book that mixes the minority report and teen kind of dystopia. The Agency is hot on their trails, but Davy will do whatever she can to escape their reign of terror, because while there she learned that there are scarier things than carriers.

This is where the Uninvited ended.

Then you thought wrong. Then you thought wrong again. If you thought something would happen in this book, then…I think you get the point now.

The Uninvited had its faults, but the writing and the world kept me engaged enough to want to see what happened next. Unleashed started off well.

Sophie Jordan

This is actually some pretty interesting angst when it comes to their relationship and one that I was definitely on board with. Only, it never fully materialized because she refused to talk to him about it. She shuts him out and lets her worries fester alone. Then, she gets shot and is rescued by Caden who runs an underground rebellion group.

Instead, we get to see Davy talk to Caden and struggle with her feelings for him, even though she has Sean. But Caden makes her feel alive, he makes her feel normal, he makes her feel!

I may not have been a fan of their hook up, but we spent a book of them pining away with for one another so for it to just dissolve because a new guy is there is off putting. For someone who was so haunted about killing someone, she sure got over it once someone easy on the eyes showed up. We do learn about Tori, but I think what happened with her was a disservice to the book. I think my main problem with the book is that it left me feeling disappointed. Nothing was answered and everything was solved in a convenient little bow.

Davy doesn't get over her carrier's prejudice. The Agency falls while Davy is sucking face with Caden. Tori is out of the picture while Davy is thinking about sucking face with Caden.

And carriers can go back and live their lives if they choose to, while Davy is wondering about whether now or later is a good time to suck face with Caden. Despite what the synopsis says, Unleashed is about Davy in a bunker and her love story with a guy who says he's leading a rebellion only he doesn't really do much.

The end. Feb 20, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: I was afraid this would happen. The first book was so exciting and filled with new ideas. Like all the way back. What a bummer. Jan 05, Nancy The book junkie rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 14, Caitlin L rated it liked it.

I enjoyed the story, meeting Caden and who the traitor was, but in the end, I didn't see what the point of the Resistance was for. I mean, obviously there's always going to be one. But Sophie made this huge deal with the resistance and fighting for what is right but all I really saw was just them staking food from the government and scouting for other carriers who aren't even welcomed with opened arms that makes them want to stay.

And in the end, it was the president that ended the HTS stuff so. And in the end, it was the president that ended the HTS stuff so? Davy annoyed me. She kept saying she's wants this and that but then doubts herself. Like make up your mind! She kept defining everyone with the brand as bad. She gives into what the people are saying about how carriers are killers, she doesn't defy that but she feels like she does I guess? Once she finds out Caden isn't a carrier, she gets mad that he could hurt him, but really, if you didn't so far, do you think that'll change now?

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She pushes him away but then gets jealous of Sean and Sabine? Like you're the one that chose that path. And then she wonders why she always thinks of him? She knows she loves him but I guess she didn't put the two together?

I don't know.

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan Download PDF

The first book was definitely better than this one. It made more sense. This one isn't TOO bad but it didn't grab me. So sad that I'm saying this to Sophie Jordan's book. At A Glance Genre: Slight Triangle. Cliff Hanger: One of my top 10 favorite female MC's Worst Part: Plot didn't make enough sense Thoughts Had: Conclusion Continuing the Series: The only issue i had with At A Glance Genre: The only issue i had with this book was that the plot movement made no sense.

Why they heck did that guy just do what that guy asked?! If i was the president i would have just shot him and made it look like an accident from a carrier and then keep going. Also got annoyed that the MC thought she was in love for so long than the second she sees the guy be like "nope i'm good". Good MC, but very unrealistic plot movements.

Review in GIF Form: Aug 12, Phoebe marked it as to-read Shelves: Ok, I know plenty of people have already mentioned it before but The thing about Uninvited was they were planning for a future, to escape with Gil and Sabine, then bam no mention of the love interest you have been lusting over from about the first chapter. And while I am all for new love interests, but not triangles, this series is great with just one guy and that guy is Sean.

So I swear if this book has a love triangle or if Sean dies, which I seriously hope wi Ok, I know plenty of people have already mentioned it before but So I swear if this book has a love triangle or if Sean dies, which I seriously hope will not happen, I may cry. May 04, Tabetha rated it really liked it.

I think if you can get past the change in direction that Sophie Jordan takes in this sequel yes, I became attached also--and yes, this was difficult! It may not have as much straight action, but it is still exciting and has many thrilling moments. It was another quick read and very addictive--fun escape!

Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult. Science Fiction. About Sophie Jordan. I do not want to hear it out of a character's mouth, and I particularly I do not want to keep hearing about it over and over and over and OVER as I read the damn book. The sad part about this is that this is not even a terrible book, it was just mediocre. It underperformed. It did not live up to its potential. It had so much promise, especially in the character development, but overall, the character almost ruined it for me.

The Special Snowflake: I found it immensely hard to sympathize with our main character due to her tendency to label herself as a special snowflake. Davy, our heroine, is so perfect! So utterly special, and damned if she doesn't remind us of its every opportunity she has. From the very first statement, she tells us that she is one in a million. She is singular. The very first sentence of the book's first person narrative is of Davy telling us how utterly different, how completely unique she is.

Davy is fucking perfection in the form of a year old wealthy, blonde, child prodigy. I want character. I want imperfection. I want anger, I want a heroine who is not merely book-smart, I want a character who thinks. I don't want a character who clings onto the vestige of her perfection the way a sorority girl clutches at her very last pair of Ugg boots at a clearance sale.

How is Davy special?

Well, she has been distinguished almost since birth. A musical prodigy.

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When I was three years old, I sat down at the piano and played Chopin. I just knew how to place my fingers on the keys Like one knows how to walk, it was just something I knew.

Something I did. I can accept that. But wait, that's not all! She can also sing like a motherfucking lark. All my life I heard words like gifted.

Ok, so she's musically talented. That's still acceptable. She's also brilliant. From her parents. Out of all the people with the killer gene in the United States, Davy is chosen, one of only 10 girls, to lead.

Why Davy? What distinguishes her from the rest? You have the breeding the other girls lack. Gentility, if you will Wait, what? How the FUCK is that going to help her when she's dealing with a bunch of potential killers?! Oh, wait. She wasn't selected only for her breeding and gentility, whew. Davy's other immense talent which is going to help her when she's facing down a ton of kids who want to rip her throat out is going to be Get the fuck out of here.

Mitchell cocks his head. A talented musician and singer. He had the worst case of instalove I've ever encountered and kept TELLING Davy how she should feel, and was physically forceful grabbing, shaking toward her quite often.

Not to mention he did the exact same thing as the love interest from book 1 did - any time Davy was in trouble, this guy shows up out of nowhere as if he has a tracker on her. I felt like Davy was constantly being undermined in her own story. I'm quite disappointed, as I LOVE the premise of this series and had procrastinated reading this sequel for 5 years. It wasn't worth the wait. If you choose to read the first book - and I really think you should because despite its flaws, the examination of self-fulfilling prophecy is so interesting and relevant - I would recommend viewing it as a standalone with an open ending.Ein unglaubliches Buch, das mich von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite nicht los lassen konnte!

Fun read! I liked the main character Davy, she has her head on straight and even though she had terrible things happen to her, she kept going.

The only character in this book that I liked is the love interest. Who knows, maybe someone will actually like it more than the first book? Davy wants to trust him; maybe he's not as dangerous as he seems. The Goodreads synopsis describes this book as action-packed.

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