The Diary of a Young Girl, also known as The Diary of Anne Frank, is a book of the writings from the Dutch language diary kept by Anne Frank while she was in. The Diary of a Young Girl book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Anne Frank's extraordinary diary, written in the Amst. 5 days ago Albert Gomes de Mesquita is one of the last people alive to have known Anne Frank in person. He appears briefly in her diary as a fellow.

Book Diary Of Anne Frank

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When reading about 'the diary of Anne Frank', most people assume that a single Here you can read what Anne wrote and how it all merged into the book you. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl [Anne Frank, B.M. Mooyaart, Eleanor Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers. The Diary of a Young Girl [Anne Frank, Otto H. Frank, Mirjam Pressler, Susan The Book Thief (Anniversary Edition) by Markus Zusak Hardcover $

The diary takes the reader on a journey with its author. For the first month, before the family goes into hiding, it is the story of a clever, extrovert schoolgirl, who is almost oblivious to the growing threat to Dutch Jews.

Instead of the war, she is concerned with her own character and reputation. There are wicked descriptions of her schoolmates. She reports on how teachers are exasperated by her talkativeness, setting her a series of punishment essays titled A Chatterbox, then An Incorrigible Chatterbox, and finally Quack, quack, quack, said Mistress Chatterback.

In response to this last commission, Anne wrote a comic poem about an enraged swan who commits murderous attacks on a set of noisy ducklings. In spite of his better judgment, her teacher admitted it was so good that it had to be read aloud to the class.

She remains inventive and sassy, but the pressures of communal living mixed with spells of raw terror at moments of near discovery take their toll. Anne feels alienated from her mother and is irritated by Mrs van Pels the mother of the other family. She falls in love with Peter van Pels, although their relationship fails to progress.

The Diary of a Young Girl

At the same time she is conscious of the changes in her adolescent body, her sexual feelings, and the sudden mood swings that lead to floods of tears. Amid all this, as the years pass, Anne reads extensively and develops an increasing passion for her writing. She composes short stories, comic anecdotes, and begins a novel. Most important, after hearing a radio broadcast from the Dutch government about the need for records of the occupation, Anne started to revise her diary early in in the hope that it might be published.

She expanded key episodes and deleted others. At times she also inserted reflections on her earlier self. This dialogue between the older and younger Anne is one of the many magical things about the diary. On 22 January , for example, Anne reread her entry for 2 November and wrote on it as follows:. The diary in its second version became more elevated, with passages on feminism, Jewish identity, and the haunting question of who might come to read the book.

One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness, my flippancy, my joy in life and, above all, my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things. Three days later a squad of German police burst into the annex and arrested its occupants.

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After a month in the Dutch transit camp of Westerbork, the group was put on the last ever transport to Auschwitz. Anne Frank: The Collected Works is a magisterial edition.

It gives the Diary in three different versions. Version A is the one that Anne actually wrote on the days themselves: Version A was in fact spread across four volumes, only the first of which was a birthday present. There is a missing volume in this sequence, which would have covered the time from 2 May to 22 December It runs uninterrupted from 20 June to March and so gives us the narrative that was lost through the missing volume of Version A.

It is more serious than its predecessor, with a careful chronology charting the progress of the war. This version cut the sexual material in the diary and also removed a lot of the criticism that Anne had made of her fellow hideaways.

Otto also made some aesthetic changes. He blended and reordered Versions A and B to give the book a more coherent and literary character. Anne did write the famous sentences that are now the opening, but they came further on in Version A and were excluded from Version B. The collection, however, contains much more than just the diary.

There are beautiful and moving illustrations, which include family photos; closeups of documents; facsimile pages; and a plan of the hidden annex.

The Complete Works thus gives a greatly enriched picture, and, as one reads its pages, one cannot help thinking of what Anne might have become. In the diary she writes of wanting to be a journalist: Perhaps that vision of the adult Anne is deceptive, however. Her diaries offer a picture of a young girl frozen in time. However, Anne Frank was born on the eve of dramatic changes in German society that would soon disrupt her family's happy, tranquil life as well as the lives of all other German Jews.

Due in large part to the harsh sanctions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I, the German economy struggled terribly in the s.

During the late s and early s, the virulently anti-Semitic National German Socialist Workers Party Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler became Germany's leading political force, winning control of the government in When Hitler became chancellor of Germany on January 20, , the Frank family immediately realized that it was time to flee.

Otto later said, "Though this did hurt me deeply, I realized that Germany was not the world, and I left my country forever. The Franks moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, in the fall of Anne Frank described the circumstances of her family's emigration years later in her diary: After years of enduring anti-Semitism in Germany, the Franks were relieved to once again enjoy freedom in their new hometown of Amsterdam.

Anne Frank: the real story of the girl behind the diary

Anne Frank began attending Amsterdam's Sixth Montessori School in , and throughout the rest of the s, she lived a relatively happy and normal childhood. Frank had many friends, Dutch and German, Jewish and Christian, and she was a bright and inquisitive student. On May 10, , the German army invaded the Netherlands, defeating Dutch forces after just a few days of fighting.

The Dutch surrendered on May 15, , marking the beginning of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. As Frank later wrote in her diary, "After May , the good times were few and far between; first there was the war, then the capitulation and then the arrival of the Germans, which is when the trouble started for the Jews. Beginning in October , the Nazi occupiers imposed anti-Jewish measures on the Netherlands.

Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David at all times and observe a strict curfew; they were also forbidden from owning businesses. Frank and her sister were forced to transfer to a segregated Jewish school. Otto Frank managed to keep control of his company by officially signing ownership over to two of his Christian associates, Jo Kleiman and Victor Kugler, while continuing to run the company from behind the scenes.

On July 5, , Margot received an official summons to report to a Nazi work camp in Germany; the very next day, the Frank family went into hiding in makeshift quarters in an empty space at the back of Otto Frank's company building, which they referred to as the Secret Annex.

They were accompanied in hiding by Otto's business partner Hermann van Pels as well as his wife, Auguste, and son, Peter. Otto's employees Kleiman and Kugler, as well as Jan and Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl, provided food and information about the outside world.

The families spent two years in hiding, never once stepping outside the dark, damp, sequestered portion of the building. On August 4, , a German secret police officer accompanied by four Dutch Nazis stormed into the Secret Annex, arresting everyone that was hiding there.

They had been betrayed by an anonymous tip, and the identity of their betrayer remains unknown to this day. The residents of the Secret Annex were shipped off to Camp Westerbork, a concentration camp in the northeastern Netherlands, and arrived by passenger train on August 8, Upon arriving at Auschwitz, the men and women were separated.

This was the last time that Otto Frank ever saw his wife or daughters. After several months of hard labor hauling heavy stones and grass mats, Anne and Margot were again transferred during the winter to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, where they both died in March Their mother was not allowed to go with them, and Edith Frank fell ill and died at Auschwitz shortly after arriving at the camp, on January 6, After the end of World War II, the Secret Annex was on a list of buildings to be demolished, but a group of people in Amsterdam campaigned and set up the foundation now known as the Anne Frank House.

In , the Anne Frank Center USA launched a national initiative called the Sapling Project, planting saplings from a year-old chestnut tree that Anne had long loved as denoted in her diary at 11 different sites nationwide. All they need is your apathy. We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us!

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Frank Sinatra was one of the most popular entertainers of the 20th century, forging a career as an award-winning singer and film actor.They would get news from the outside from those who were hiding them.

The diary Anne receives for her 13th birthday.

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Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Lists with This Book. Anne used the above-mentioned names for her annex-mates in the first volume, from September 25, until November 13, , when the first notebook ends.

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