I'm creating ebooks for a client using InDesign CC and she reports that the most recent EPUB I've created for her won't open in iBooks. As I. Among other things, those of us who manage ebooks on our computers and ( heaven forbid) want to load files that we didn't download from Apple. Having trouble downloading books to your iPhone or iPad with Apple Books or Apple Books (formerly called iBooks) are fun when they download correctly and work with . How to download ePub eBooks to your iPad or iPhone . Since latest upgrade I can't download a book as it won't accept my password.

Epub Wont To Ibooks

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iBooks are fun way to read but sometimes your iBooks won't download on iPhone , iPad or iPod or you are unable to find any iBook. This guide covers common How to Transfer iBooks (EPUB, PDF) from iPhone/iPad to Mac. HOT SEARCH. iBooks doesn't work properly after restoring or updating to iOS /? Try the easy methods here to fix iBooks problems on iPhone X(10)/8/8 Plus/7/7. I bought some books on Humble Bundle and am currently trying to import the into iBooks to read them on the go. I want them in epub because I.

If you do manage to get it working, please let us know how.

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How to transfer ebooks and PDF documents to iPad, iPhone an iPod Touch?

I download quite a few ePub e-books from sources other than the iBooks Store. Paul D.

Waite Paul D. Waite 1, 11 29 Ah — my question may be a duplicate of this one: Waite Oct 25 '12 at Please close the question if it is a duplicate. As of iOS 9. Fridaypants 3.

Nate Bird Nate Bird 1, 13 Oh sweet. Or alternatively, finally. Waite Jan 12 '16 at Here is the Apple support page: You can email yourself the files, then from Mail, open the files in iBooks. Good stuff.

Will that get them into iCloud? Nope, that is only for downloadd content.

[Solved]Fixes to iBooks Not Syncing Between Devices

You have an alternative. You can now use iCloud drive, and access with document 5 or goodreader on iOS. It's not the same, but will make it possible to at least open them in iBooks. Francisco Delgado Francisco Delgado 61 3.

Waite Nov 6 '13 at This can be caused due to number of reasons. This guide covers how you can fix iBooks related issues for once and all.

There are many reasons that may cause iBook not working properly on your iOS devices, such as network problem, Apple Servers, system glitches and so forth. You can try the following methods to fix this issue easily and quickly.

Cellular data internet access may turn off automatically after an iOS update or App Update, you can turn it on back again to prevent iBooks downloading problems. This is how you do it:.

Apple servers can be down for maintenance or other updates causing issues downloading iBooks, make sure Apple servers are up and running to avoid iBooks issues. You can check Apple-related status from System status official page from Apple.

Part 2: A free alternative way to sync iBooks between devices

If you know how to download iBooks properly and yet having issues then you can try downloading titles again. This will fix iBooks blank pages issue or partially downloaded iBook problem. Make sure books you are trying to access are not hidden, you can unhide icloud books by simply going to "My books" tab in the iBooks apps, tap "All Books" drop down and then turn off ''Hide iCloud Books" toggle. If above solutions won't work for you then you can try Resetting All Settings, it will not delete your private information.

You can Reset All Settings by following these steps:.

If everything fails for you, there is always an option to request Refund for your download, make sure you do this within 90 days of your download. Visit "reportaproblem. Apple support is an excellent service, it can help you troubleshoot most of your problem, even if you wanted to know "How to download books on iBooks" you can get clear instructions from Apple support.

If you have trouble using iBooks then there is always an option to switch to alternative PDF reader, there are tons of good PDF readers available in Appstore for free.

You can download and use any PDF app as an alternative. These are some good PDF alternatives: One of the reason you might have problems with iBooks or any other app is faulty iPhone system, you can recover iPhone system and fix all sorts of iOS stuck issues using Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is an awesome tool which can fix variety of system problems and most interestingly you can use without loosing your data.You have verified that on iBooks for iPhone?

As many of you know, I write a lot of politics-related material. Amazingly for Apple , I had a signed and approved publisher contract almost immediately. I'd actually already done this, and the problem still was there.

If you want to access your books and textbooks literally from any device nowadays, any device has a browser , you should consider site site or Google Play Books.

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