are available for download from the AC Tech website (biosamnewbcropdic.ga) WARRANTY. AC Technology Corporation warrants the SCF Series AC motor control. View and Download AC Tech SCF series installation and operation manual online. variable speed ac motor drives. SCF series Controller pdf manual download. Download the AC Tech SCF Series Manual Instructions. Series variable speed drive can be downloaded from the Lenze Americas Website.

Lenze Ac Tech Scf Series Pdf Download

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Lenze. AC Tech does not accept any responsibility nor liability for damages that occur. .. SCF Series Variable Frequency Drives visit: biosamnewbcropdic.ga- biosamnewbcropdic.ga To download the SCF product manual or application note visit the AC. Lenze AC Tech (SF) SCF Series Drive: 1 HP ( kW), V 3 input in IP20 enclosure. pdf Download theSCF Series User Manual in *.pdf format. A PC (and AC Tech's free TechLink Software). • The innovative EPM Programmer . Motor Thermal Overload: The SCF is an approved motor protection device for.

SCF series frequency inverters

Do not continuously cycle input power to the drive more than once every two minutes. Page 27 Follow the procedure below to check the motor rotation. This procedure assumes that the drive has been powered up for the first time, and that none of the parameters have been changed.

Use the! The left decimal point will illuminate as the speed setpoint is decreased. Page Programming The Scf Drive Use the " and! Page 30 Page 31 EPM is installed. The SCF Series drive contains two or three sets of parameter values, depending on whether the drive has been programmed with optional OEM default settings. The first set of values is the factory default settings, which are permanently stored on the main control board and cannot be changed.

Page Parameter Menu Page Description Of Parameters In order to properly size an enclosure, the heat generated by the drive s must be known. The STD column is for standard units, and the THRU column is for through-hole mount units drives with the through-hole mount option still generate some heat inside the enclosure that must be taken into account.

An enclosure manufacturer can then determine the required enclosure size based on the total heat generated inside the enclosure from the drive s and other heat sources , the maximum allowable temperature inside the enclosure, the maximum ambient temperature outside the enclosure, and the enclosure properties. Therefore, a separate thermal overload relay is not required for single motor applications. Severe damage to the drive can result if it is operated after a long period of storage or inactivity without reforming the DC bus capacitors!

If input power has not been applied to the drive for a period of time exceeding three years due to storage, etc , the electrolytic DC bus capacitors within the drive can change internally, resulting in excessive leakage current.

This can result in premature failure of the capacitors if the drive is operated after such a long period of inactivity or storage. In order to reform the capacitors and prepare the drive for operation after a long period of inactivity, apply input power to the drive for 8 hours prior to actually operating the motor.

Lenze AC Tech Corporation accepts no responsibility for any direct, incidental or consequential loss, cost, or damage that may arise through the use of its AC inverter products in these applications. The downloadr expressly agrees to assume all risk of any loss, cost, or damage that may arise from such application. Hazard of electrical shock!

AC Tech SCF Drives Installation Operation Manual PDF

Capacitors retain charge after power is removed. The input voltage must match the nameplate voltage rating of the drive. It doesn't have a lot of low end torque, and it doesn't run smoothly at low Hz.

My Teco EV, on the other hand, is an awesome performer. It is "torky" and runs smoothly even at very low Hz.

But the EV manual is written for electricians. There are no examples, and no complete sentences. I struggle to make heads or tails out of it.

Installation and Operation Manual

My advice -- get the EV, and then ask for help here or at PM. They don't show one example of different hookups other than the basics to get you running. And then the translation from German Some of it NickH , AM ABB with an advanced operator panel, when I first turned it on it runs you through setting up conversationally, has a large LCD which among other things displays the legends for the contextual buttons.

But, I did just finish installing my 3rd VFD all by myself!

Granted I had a bit of help on the first one from my lectrician buddy, but I picked up enough to feel like tackling the 2nd one, then a few days ago I didnt even hesitate to do the 3rd. Thats the same thing that'll need to be done to the VFD. On my Hitachi there are a whole bunch of them, youll have to figure which ones on yours might take a pic of the terminal area with your new camera!

I couldn't be more satisfied with the way they work. Mainly, I was confused about the wiring at first so I called them for help. I have never had more helpful people than the ones that I have talked to there. They have made sure that I understood what the programming did and where the wires were to be placed. Once I talked to them, then the guide book made a lot more sense to me.

They have impressed me with their customer service to the point that I'm getting ready to order another VFD from them to use on my drill press that I'm going to convert to 3 phase so I can control the speed without the belt changes.

I have no connection to the company, no relatives that work there, have no stock, just a satisfied customer.

Gerry Dawai , AM Normally anything not "on the keypad" will have to be programmed in to the vfd's memory. External speed pot.. Most inverters also, you can make switches "give" speed setpoints.. Always oversize if possible.. Read in the book how many starts per minute you can make..

It is a factor of cooling.. Then lots of other things in there to change, sometimes you bugger one up and it won't run till you figure it out.. You go around and around in the program mode pulling hair.. GO through the manual, making notes of "quick setup" and make notes of what you change..

Sometimes you have to hit "program" get it in the mode Then in the end, sometimes you must hit program again to accept the new numbers and return to run mode.. Maximum hertz?

AC Tech SCF Series Drives Users Manual - CTi Automation

I am running that.So you're going to have to tough it out Russ : The 5hp AC Tech unit I got for my YMZ lathe turned out to be pretty easy to set up; the manual took a little while to grok but it was much better written than the Teco manual for my Bridgeport.

Page 36 NOTE 3: If this parameter is changed while the drive is running, the change will not take effect until the drive is stopped.

These are the same people that have issues wiring up doorbells. Then in the end, sometimes you must hit program again to accept the new numbers and return to run mode.. For better out-of-the-box performance, SCF Series drives are shipped with a setting that is different from the factory default, as seen in the table below.

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