The famous book of Hadith written by Imam Shafi'i (Shafai) translated in Urdu Published in by Shabbir Brothers, Lahore pages. al-risala Urdu Imam Shafi'i. Topics al-risala Urdu Imam Shafi'i, fiqh, usool, usul, shafii, imam, risala. Collectionopensource. LanguageHausa. Musnad Imam Shafi in Urdu - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Musnad Imam Shafi.

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"Musnad Imam Shafi" is a famous book of Hadith written by Imam Shafi'i (Shafai), translated in Urdu and Published in by Shabbir Brothers. Pdf Book Book Name: Kitab Ar- Risaalah Author: Abū ʿAbdullah Muhammad ibn Idrīs al-Shāfi'ī Size: 18 Mb Language: Urdu. Malfoozat e Imam Shafi Quran Tafseer, Law Books, Reading Online, Islamic, . Islami Mashoor Jungo Ki Tareekh Free Pdf Books, Urdu Novels, Books To.

He is also the author of several prominent works in the field. It was the same year in which the Great Imam Abu Hanifah had passed away.

He lost his father during infancy and was raised by his mother under very poor circumstances. Imam was very young at that time. It is quoted by some scholars that he was two years old when his mother migrated to Mecca.

Therefore, he spent his formative years acquiring religious education in the cities of Mecca and Medina. According to some sources, he memorized the Quran by the age of seven or nine.

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His Journey to Seek Knowledge: His early education was marked by poverty because of which his mother could not afford to pay the fees for his education. Consequently, instead of participating in the classes, the young Imam would just sit on the side lines and take it all in only by listening to what his teacher was teaching to other kids in the class.

He became so adept at learning and storing knowledge even though just by listening, that on occasions when his teacher was unable to take a class, he the young Imam would step in and take the class teaching his fellow students.

His Teacher was so impressed by his abilities that he took him on as a formal student on a complimentary non fees basis. I used to live in Makkah among tent dwellers in such a state of poverty that I could not even afford to by paper to write, so I would write on stones and bones instead. He wanted to become a student of Imam Maalik yet he saw with his sharp intellect that he should not go to him unprepared.

He memorized Imam Malik's famous book "Al Muwatta" in only nine days. After that he went off to see Imam Maalik in his house in Madinah. Al-Shafi'ee spoke eloquently and politely with the Imam and told him that he wished to become his student. The Imam looked at the boy for a long time as the boy was telling his story of how he sought knowledge so far.

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The Imam had an astonishing physiognomy and a penetrating insight; he told him: "My son! He was the first to have attempted such. It is ten volumes in size.

Furani in his Ibanah was one of the first to being to give preference to one view over another by stating that it is asahh, etc.

He based it upon the lessons and teachings of his teacher Qadi Abu al-Tayyib. He gathered in it a vast amount of topics and uncommon opinions, while he passed away before completing the work.

It is a very significant work. It is based upon his one of his previous works, namely, the Basit. It is an abridgement of another one of his works, namely, the Wasit. It is his smallest work in the subject of fiqh. Ibn Qadi Shuhbah mentioned that many ascribe this work to Abu al-Hasan al-Mahamili while in fact it is a work from his grandson Abu Tahir.

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It served as a relied-upon work in Asbahan for fatwa. The work is encyclopedic and stretches into many volumes, even so Nawawi passed away before he could complete it. He completely finished up to Kitab al-downloadu [the Book of Trade].

Others have completed more too. He passed away before completing it and only finished up to Kitab al-Musafir [the Book of Travelling].

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Nawawi did not finish this work but completed only up to Kitab Shurut al-Salah [the Book of the Conditions of Prayer]. It is a significant work in that Nawawi intended to include a substantial amount of indispensible information specifically for those who hope to learn much in a short of time. This work does not shy from touching on a vast amount of different topics from the jurisprudence, to analysis of primary sources, to critical examination of hadith evidence, etc.

The work mostly excludes discussions on evidence from the primary sources, while it amply expands the jurisprudence with fluid diction and coherent arrangement.

The work is very comprehensive with uncommon legal issues included therein. The abridgement is only half the Muharrar in size in order to facilitate its memorization. Points of jurisprudential difference are common in the work though a mere abridgement. In fact, the author frequently highlights these differences mostly through specific nomenclature.

Many abridgements and commentaries are based on it. According to Imam Suyuti the work was completed in the month of Ramadan in He also has an extensive commentary on Shirazi's Tanbih.

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It is two volumes in size although he did not complete it. Isnawi mentioned that it was a very extensive commentary. He elucidated on general points and explained difficult passages. Thus, it functions as a commentary. Subki praised it.

This is his exposition into the places in both Rawdah and Sharh Kabir where he found grounds to raise objections against Shaykhayn. It is possible that his student Zarkashi completed it for him. It is twenty volumes in size. It is two or three volumes in size. He omitted in the work all the different opinions that Nawawi included and mentioned only what he understood to be foremost.It was transmitted by his student Rabi alMuradi.

He played chess himself, defending his practice by the example of many of his companions. The precise cause of his death is thus unknown. Imam Shafis Writings. Muhammad al-Shaybani — An important textbook is also the Wasit of Imam al-Ghazzali, just republished in an excellent edition.

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